December 13, 2010

11 months old and she better slow down!

Oh my darling girl...

Yesterday you were 11 months old. Just one more month, that will go by in the blink of an eye no doubt, and you will be one year old. It has gone by so quickly...too quickly if you ask me. It feels like yesterday that you were born, and at the same time it feels like you have been with us forever.

This past month has been full of fun and many new things for you my love. You found out that while it makes you laugh when it pokes your feet, grass does not taste very good. That doesn't stop you from trying to eat it though.
You discovered that if you stand at Grammy and Poppy's door you can watch the leaves blow and the squirrels run. You love that. You will stand there forever...completely content.

You got your first Christmas present. You would have been completely happy with the wrapping alone. But once you discovered your Little People school bus the paper was forgotten. You love pressing the buttons and playing the music. And man do you haul behind that thing!! And you're even figuring out how to turn it.

You have discovered that the tub is a blast. The cups, the boats, the squishy letters and's all such a good time. Other than the few seconds when I'm rinsing the shampoo out of your hair, you look like this. If the water didn't get cold, I'd keep you in there all day just so I could see that face.

It seems like you've grown up so much this month. You've added all kinds of grown up food to your likes. You've added several words, now you have dada, mama, okay, what's that and yeah. But this weekend you decided it was time to really get going.

In the last two days you have started saying your own name, you had two more teeth come in, took your first steps! We all know I'm a bit weepy, but it was just me this time! Nope, me and Dada were both crying. Then we clapped and yelled and jumped around. And then you did it again!
I am so madly, insanely, wildly in love you with you my sweet baby. I cannot believe the breadth and depth of it.
You (and your dad) are my favorite.