December 14, 2010

Crafty Goodness

I've seen so many great wreaths around lately (Chelsey, I'm looking at you and your gumdrop wreath) that I decided I should get my craft on. So I did...

First you need supplies: a straw wreath ($1.99 instead of $9.99 for the same size in Styrofoam), raffia, felt in a couple of colors, scissors and a glue gun with glue.
Next you need beautiful Ray to stare down at you encouragingly...supportively...lovingly. I know you'll appreciate this one Grace.

Then wrap the wreath with the raffia and glue the holy begeesus out of it. It should look like this...sort of...probably better.

Then you make a gazillion flowers out of the felt. I did some with an eight inch circle and some with a six inch circle so that I ended up with different sizes. Then glue said flowers to the raffia-wrapped wreath.

And after you follow those completely vague and worthless instructions you should end up with something like this. And's hanging on a hinge inside because it was freezing outside! Also we're being super slack and still haven't gotten most of our decorations out.

And if that wasn't enough craft. Check this out.

What are those, you ask? Well those GORGEOUS bobbies in my frizzy, rat's nest would be from my bloggy buddy Leah. Just saying...Pie helped with the styling which explains some of the nest-y-ness.

Anysidenote, back to the good stuff. My friend Leah has an Etsy shop and sells these lovelies. And headbands, and pins, and kids clips (Pie has a set and they are adorable!!) So much good stuff and all at really good prices. Stockings stuffers anyone?