December 7, 2010


Just because I love you, I present the list of things I've done recently that I should be too embarrassed to tell people about...
  • I spent a really long time trying to decide whether or not I put on deodorant. I tried smelling. I tried poking under my arms. That resulted in deodorant on my finger and then I spent another several minutes trying to decide what to do with said deodorant on my finger. Sadly this is a daily occurrence. #SHHHHH
  • I used shampoo as soap. It was not intentional. But you can't image the extra volume my bumper had, at least I'm blaming it on the shampoo and not the red velvet cake I've been shoving in my talk-hole. #SHHHHHH
  • I searched for my car keys for about 5 minutes getting increasingly more anxious. All the while wondering what the noise outside was. It was the car running. #SHHHHH
  • I tried switching the tv, from tv to dvd. I couldn't get it to work. Apparently I just needed to press the tv/video button. I've done this maybe a thousand times. I absolutely couldn't figure it out. #SHHHHH
  • I have watched every episode of America's Next Top Model. I saved this one for last since it's clearly the most embarrassing. #SHHHHH

Keep voting! We're within days of the top 10...and then I can stop bugging you about it :D