December 2, 2010

Yeah...about that...

I am completely fried today. We're getting ready for a craft fair this weekend and that plus a teething grump equals a really out of it Sara. So today's post will be full of random...

A) Why is my child so compelled to eat things not meant for eating?

  1. Wii remote (she has her own chew away love)
  2. Pillow (no idea why she loves this thing so much but it's a fav)
  3. Magnet (who knows)
  4. My sunglasses (she looks so grown up in this one)
  5. Bubble wrap (hasn't totally decided on this one, but clearly doesn't hate it)
  6. Cell phone cover (better than the phone itself I guess)

B) Pamela at 2 Much Testosterone and I were discussing Showgirls yesterday, as you do. Wait, what?! You don't sit around talking about Showgirls?! That's MADNESS. Anyway were were talking about it and discovered that we both immediately think of the scene in the pool where Jessie Spano(kopita)...mmmm spinachy getting it on. Pamela said we were Showgirls Mind Twins. I felt a button was necessary to commemorate that awesome-ness.

C) Yup, this again...