January 10, 2011

Bloggy Love

Some of my beyond sweet and wonderful followers decided to send some award love my way. I'm always so honored when people think to include me!

Rachel from The Diary of a Dreamer (who has started down the adoption path and who I hope has her happy ending soon) gave me this one...

Kristin from Kuppy Kakes by Kristin (who is doing the goodies for Pie's first birthday. hooray!) gave me this one...And Christina from And for good measure...(whose adorable Mia's first birthday is right after Pie's and whose winter one-derland theme I totally stole...hehehe) passed this lovely and fancy award on to me...

So I'm going to be a cheaty cheater pants on the rules a little bit...

1) Thank/acknowledge the person who gave you the award - Check
2) Share 7 things about yourself - Here's some bendy-ness...I'm only going to do one set of 7 things. You guys can't possibly want to know that much about me!
3) Pass on to other bloggers and notify them - And here's some more bendy-ness...but we'll circle back to that.

7 things about me:
1) I LOVE cold weather. I love fires and the smell of the wood burning. I love snow (though we almost never see it here). I would rather be cold than hot any day.
2) I have a real problem with Christmas wrapping paper. It's an addiction. It makes me happy for some reason and I've officially been put on restriction from buying it :)
3) Husband is/was my only real boyfriend. I dated, but no one ever reached boyfriend status before Husband.
4) When I got my license (at 16) I had never driven on a road outside my parent's neighborhood. It wasn't until a year later that I actually started driving. I wanted my license, but just wasn't ready to actually drive. It was scary.
5) The tattoo I just got is at the scabby, itchy phase and is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!
6) It doesn't matter how messy a room is, if it's been vacuumed it feels clean to me. I love seeing the vacuum lines.
7) I found a gray eyebrow hair the other day...a gray EYEBROW hair! That's so disturbing I can't even begin to think about it. I thought at first it might be a blond hair, but no, no. It was gray.

And now to the bendy-ness of passing on the award. I'm going to combine this too, so each person will get all three awards! Yea!

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There are lots and lots of others...and I may keep adding to the list! Congrats one and all!!