January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday {Who Are They?!}

I usually do TRDC writing prompts on Friday, but man, I just can't make my brain...you know...do that thing it does...think? So I'm going to join up with Christopher and Tia's Friday Flashback for the first time. I've seen it around for awhile and love getting these glimpses into people's past. It feeds my nosey-ness :)

You see those kids? Those babies? If you guessed it is Husband and I from a million years ago you'd be right. This was taken in a photo booth in a tiny mall (affectionately called the small) near my college within a few months of us getting together. So I'd say somewhere towards the end of 1997, maybe November...
Don't recognize us? Hang on...let me add Husband's crazy beard and some gray hair for us both. Okay, lots of gray hair.
Better? Yeah, I bet that helped. Heh. And that little heart in the bottom corner you ask? Well Husband and I were walking into the room we had booked for our honeymoon for the first time and something right outside the door catches his eye. He bends down and it's this little confetti heart. We have no idea where it came from, and never found another one, but it's been with us ever since.
You can click on either picture to enlarge. If you want to see much younger us in that much detail. Okay maybe you don't want to click...
That was fun...thanks Christopher and Tia for such a great linky!