January 31, 2011

Help, help, HELP!!!

This little girl is killing us! Don't let the sweet face fool you. She is being a stinker.

She has decided recently that going to bed is for the weak. I take that back. She has decided that sleep in general is for the weak. She has dropped down to one nap a day. On occasion she'll throw a second pity nap in for us, but usually just the one nap. And if it were a good nap, okay, but it's usually about an hour. Not nearly long enough.

And now she's decided to completely ignore all bedtime rules. We have had the same routine for months and months. We have dinner, play a bit, tub, stories, snuggles and bed. Well, all of that is the same except when it gets to the snuggles and bed part. Now she will snuggle and sort of pretend to go to sleep, but as soon as she thinks we're headed for the crib...bad news.

She grabs on like a spider monkey and starts howling. She absolutely refuses to go down. It is heartbreaking. We know she needs the sleep, we know she's tired, but still a huge fight to go to bed. It's only been in the last week or so, but it feels like forever! The interwebs said it's the 55 week development spurt, but I don't know...

Please help! I can't stand her crying and getting so upset before bed. Suggestions, thoughts, high proof alcohol to share?