January 24, 2011

Party Overload

So this is Part 1 of the birthday recap. The post of a million pictures.

I think I mentioned that we did a Winter One-derland theme, so lots of ice blue, silver and white. And it started with the invite that I put together in photoshop. The real version looked a little better spacing-wise, but the blog edit throws it off some.

And there were lots and lots of decorations and goodies around.

The birthday girl made her grand entrance all dressed up, in a shirt Middle Sister had made for her (thanks sisso!) She originally had on some black, high-top chucks too, but those got ditched early on for easier running around.

And then presents...

And then cookies and cake. All made by Kristin at Kuppy Kakes by Kristin. They were gorgeous AND delicious. What more could you ask for?! The little cookie pops (so cute) on Pie's smash cake spelled her name. And were the perfect size for her!

And here's a good shot of the highchair banner I made for the party.
And now...she's ONE!