January 21, 2011

TRDC - Talk the Talk

This week's assignment:
Hemingway was famous for his super sparse writing. He used almost only dialogue in many of his works. Write a piece in which you use ONLY dialogue.

The Result:
"Uhhh! They're finally asleep," Mary sighed as she flopped onto the couch. "I swear Henry would have had a gallon of water if I'd let him. He kept swearing he was still thirsty. And Mags wanted to read every book she owns."
"Deep breaths, love. Deep breaths. This margarita should help too." Dan said as he joined her on the couch.
"Oh I knew there was a reason I loved you. What are we watching?"
"I don't think there's anything on, and nothing new on DVR. I guess let's check the On-Demand stuff."
"What channel does that start on?"
"I think 400 or maybe 450."
"Oh!" Mary said in surprise, "Hello adult content. Are you trying to tell me something?"
"Nooooo. But since we're here, let's just take a look."
"Well, Busty Booty Bus 2 looks like a real winner."
"We can't watch that one." Dan said quite seriously.
"Why not?"
"Because we didn't see the original Busty Booty Bus. So we won't know any of the backstory, or how the characters made the decision to ride the Busty Booty Bus. Or why the experience was so good that they felt compelled to ride it again."
"Good point," Mary said, "I mean, how could we possibly follow along. And, of course, there's the bigger issue of how involved the bus driver gets. I'm guessing he just occasionally glances in the mirror otherwise they'd never get anywhere...if you will."
"Maybe it's like a tour situation where there are pre-planned stops where the driver can get involved with the bustiness."
"Or the booty-ness depending on his preference."
"Of course. Maybe both if he's feeling frisky. But I think the the more interesting question is whether or not Busty Booty Bus is the name of the bus line, or if it's like a certain tour that Greyhound offers."
"Clearly there are too many uncertainties for us to get involved with this movie. How about we watch Shrek Forever After instead."
"Yeah, that's...that's just as good."
*Blogger is being a total jerk and completely ignoring my formatting. So please excuse the non-paragraph paragraphs.