February 24, 2011

What the french, toast?

I've been scratching my head and I'm hoping you guys can help me with something. Since I launched HMH not quite a month ago over 1,600 people have looked at the site. That is fantastic. I am beyond thrilled that the site is getting that much traffic. But...there's always a but...we've only had one order. One. Uno. Un. (love ya Em!)

So what is it? Are the prices too high? Is there not enough inventory? Is there not enough variety? Is there nothing unusual or unique enough to intice people to actually buy? Is there something missing from the site itself? Do we need better pictures or descriptions?

Is it Husband's scary beard and mean face?
Because I promise he's a sweetheart.

So if you have a second, I'd really appreciate if you took a look (Home Made Happy) and gave me any suggestions you have. And be brutally honest. Really. And then we'll be best friends, even if you say stuff that might hurt my feelings. xoxox