February 28, 2011

Where it all goes down...

I love when people give us a peek into their houses. So I thought I'd give you all a peek into mine. This is the living room, where we spend pretty much all of our time. Think we like movies? Yup those are all DVDs. The picture is a little wonky, but you get the point.

The white on the left side of the tv stand is a big piece of foam core shoved in there to keep curious little hands away from pushing buttons. I keep meaning to draw something on it, but haven't managed to commit to anything yet.

This was my birthday present from Husband last year. It was one of the Gulf Restoration pieces from Etsy. I love love love it.

This piece was done by an amazing artist quite close to my heart. My mama. :D She painted this when she was about 10. Amazing right? It was the view out of her bedroom window.

This sweet one is from Stubborn Dog. There are about a dozen more things I want from her shop. Pretty much any of the benny and peeps stuff, and I love this one too.

Middle Sister made me this gorgeous clock for me a couple of years ago. I love the colors and the bright pop it adds to my picture shelf. Plus it was made just for me, so that always makes things better!

And of course Pie. Nothing in this house is complete without her.

And here's my Cape Angel. A friend gave me this for Christmas. I grew up going to Cape Cod on vacation so this is an awesome reminder of that.

These little guys are from our wedding. The blue one was sewn into the trim of my dress and was my something blue. The pink one was in Husband's suit pocket. I love having them around as a reminder of that awesome day.

This amazing drawing was done by Big Sister. It's Big Sister, Middle Sister and I. There is nothing better than having handmade stuff. And handmade stuff that's specifically for you...I love filling my house with that kind of thing.

And this is Pie's stuff. I keep trying to rotate stuff and only keep a little out at a time. Yeah...that hasn't been going so well, clearly. But at least it's all contained. Sort of. Heh.
And that's it. Well the highlights at least. Hope you liked getting a little peek at my view when I'm writing these posts!