March 25, 2011

TRDC: Picture Prompt

This week's prompt is...write a piece, fiction or non-fiction, inspired by picture below.

The Result:
Oh lover.

Your siren song invades my thoughts, dominates my consciousness. I am enchanted, powerless to resist it. I can think of nothing more than the weight of you in my hands, the feel of your curves, your smell.

Oh your blissful smell. It is comfort and excitement, love and lust in one great rush. It fills me with need. A need that envelopes me and steals my breath.

You are a seductress luring me to your side. Your temptation robs me of reason. You bewitch and entice me to throw myself on your rocky shores.

Damn you Double Chocolicious-Chocolate Chip-Swirly Dipped-Brownie Sprinkle Supreme. Now I’ll never fit in those jeggings. Why must you hurt me so?