March 14, 2011

Clever and witty needed...badly

Okay, so this past week sucked it. Part of the suckage was a cease and desist letter we received. The cease and desist was in regards to Stinkerpants which is the name of our greeting card company. We have been building the company under that name for over 5 years. Now someone else has swooped in, trademarked the name, and served us with a cease and desist.

So now we need to think of a new name and we need some help. Stinkerpants was perfect, it's quirky, funny, and personal to us. And we're struggling to think of something else that suits us as well. That's where you come in.

We want something else that has a similar feel, maybe uses pants or pie in the name, is quirky and unique. So what do you have for us? If we pick your name there will be a kick ass prize package. We're not totally sure what that will be, but rest assured it will definitely kick the ass.