April 5, 2011

One year ago today...

...Unofficial Mom was born with this post:

"April 5, 2010 It began with a burrito My husband went into a Chipotle for a burrito and came out with a baby. He ran into a friend whose girlfriend was expecting. The friend jokingly asked if we wanted a baby. After many years of infertility and trying to adopt the answer was yes...with extra guacamole. Seven weeks later, to the day, our daughter was born."

One year ago I started writing here. I started writing to document motherhood, to remember all of the wonderful and the difficult, to process the adoption and what a monumental change it was to become this one's mom.

Along the way I have found little cubbies in the great big interwebz where I fit. Places where I'm comfortable, and even more amazing, I have found friends. Real friends. Granted they are ones I have never met in person, but their friendships are as real as any I've made offline.

For all of the friendship, the support, and the laughs...oh the laughs...over the last year, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.