May 16, 2011

Monday Minute {5/16}

Yes. It's true. Our beloved Ian is back to causing trouble with his Monday Minute. Hooray!

Monday Minute

1 - Do you hear what I hear?
If it's a really high-pitched ringing that sort of makes you want to poke a pencil in your ear, then yes, yes I do.

2 - How will I know if he really loves me?
I'd say that fact that he's still around after almost 14 years together is a pretty good indication.

3 - Have you ever really loved a woman?
Familial love...yes, indeed. I love my mom and sisters like crazy. And my love for Pie is beyond words. Not even during Rush week in college.

4 - Is this the real life?
Yup. This is it. I guess I better start making more of an effort.

and finally...

5 - Is this just fantasy?
If it is, I have a really crappy and depressing imagination.