May 23, 2011

Monday Minute {5/23}

Monday Minute

1 - Think back as far as you can, what's the first tape, record, etc you remember listening to?
James Taylor. My dad is a huge fan and it's always been a part of my life. So much so that Husband and I chose a James Taylor song for our first dance. And my dad and I danced to a JT song as well.

2 - What's the first concert you've ever been to, the year and who performed?
That would be JT again. Whenever he came to town our whole family would go. It was usually at an outdoor amphitheater and we'd have snacks and sing along and snuggle under blankets. It was awesome.

3 - Ever bleed from your ass?
Talk about shifting gears. And the answer, thankfully, is no. From just about every other square inch of my body, yes. I have the grace of a drunk monkey on roller skates. I can hurt myself in bare feet on flat ground.

4 - If you went to your Senior Prom and had a date, do you still speak to said person?
No prom for me. In fact I only still talk to one person I went to high school with...I run into other occasionally. But those people are never on purpose.

and finally...

5 - Name the one television show that's no longer on the air that could have gone on forever.
Ohhh...this is a good one. And there are a bunch of them. Maybe Studio 60. It was so well written, really clever. And I like shows that aren't in one box. I loved that it was comedy and drama.