May 4, 2011

So Many Confessions...

We've been seeing each other for a while now and I think it's only fair that I come clean about a few things. There are things about me that don't really ever come up here.

Oh yes, I have secrets. And it's time they start coming out...
  1. I have a filthy mouth. It's true. I curse A LOT. (Sorry mom.) But I am trying to curb it so Pie doesn't start dropping the f-bomb.
  2. I pop my knuckles (and neck and back) constantly. Constantly.
  3. I think Adam Sandler is hilarious...and kind of hunky.
  4. I have the sense of humor of a 15 year old boy. (See item 3)
  5. I have ridiculous social anxiety.
  6. I can name the states in alphabetical order and have used that skill more than once to win free booze.
  7. I am a master hairstylist. See evidence below....and don't hate. I know you're going to be jealous of all my complicated styles. Just let me know if you want some tutorials. Heh.

What about you? Any juicy secrets you wanna spill?