May 5, 2011

Yes...I'm a dork

As has been established, with the help of my big brother, I am a dork. And just to be clear, I'm still totally telling mom. Wait...she reads this...MOOOOMMMM, Marc called me a dork!
 As evidence, I present our current obsession. Ignore the fingerprints.
Scrabble on the iPods. This is part of the reason that Husband made his eBay purchase*. Yes, that eBay purchase (if you haven't checked that out, I promise it's worth it). So we could have a game going all the time.
And just because we like to keep it classy...check out our iPod names. 

What's your current obsession? Something I can dork it up to?

*UPDATE: Turns out the iPod was sold so that the previous owner could upgrade to a newer version with a camera. Let's all take a moment for the things that poor, poor iPod is bound to see. Especially with the Bedroom mix on...