May 27, 2011

You'll get cut...don't think you won't

Pie is a very strong willed little girl. I know you're shocked. And as she's inching ever closer to the terrible two's she's definitely pushing boundaries. There are so many things that have started to straight up piss her off...and she doesn't hesitate to let you know.

Here are just a few things that will get you cut in our house:

1) The blinds getting in the way of seeing outside. Clearly they have already been dealt with...
2) Someone else already being in her seat. 
3) The snacks being all gone. 
4) Not letting her eat the barrettes and cardboard the barrettes came on. 
5) And most of all lately...when it's raining and she can't go in the pool. 
That last one also results in lots of time spent at the window staring longingly at her pool. She adds to the sad act by whispering, "whazzat"

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe long weekend and that nothing straight up pisses you off :D