June 13, 2011

Monday Minute {6/13}

Monday Minute

1 - In your opinion, rank the following in order of historical impact, 1 being the highest impact - Slavery in the US, the Holocaust of the late 1930s through mid 1940s or Women's suffrage?

I may lose my lady card for this, but I'd have to go: Holocaust, Slavery, Women's suffrage.

2 - Why did you select #1?
How could you not? The absolute, and completely senseless, destruction of a people is still beyond comprehension. The loss of life...the loss of potential...the loss of generations.

3 - To plan for something means that you are gathering information, planning ahead, getting ready, etc. What is 'pre-planning'?
Thinking about doing all that stuff?

4 - If you are a female, have you ever 'lost' a condom while having sex? If you are a male, have you ever broke on through to the other side?
Never. Acceptable answer number two is I've never had sex. (I swear mom).

and finally...

5 - Explain how one can slap the shit out of another person.
Depends on if you're going metaphorical or physical. Metaphorically I suppose if a person is talking shit and you slap them hard enough, they might stop, thus slapping the shit out of them. Physically I guess if you slap someone hard enough that they pass out....