June 14, 2011

Holy sh*t I'm in my MID-30s

Yup. It's official. As of 8:13 pm yesterday, I am {cough} thirtyfour {cough}

To help celebrate the occasion, we got some goodies made by my dear friend Kristin of Kuppy Kakes by Kristin. And yes, for anyone whose been reading for awhile, Kristin is the same genius behind Pie's first birthday goodies which you can see here and here. And I've been craving them ever since. Can you blame me?

Margarita cupcakes. Yes...margaritas plus cupcakes. Just think about that a second.
 My favorite...vanilla/vanilla cupcakes. Simple but so yummy.
And red velvet. Another classic and Husband's favorite.
And look at all the amazing cake toppers that Kristin made. Yes made. Just for me. 

I say with all sincerity...if you are in/around Atlanta, do yourself a favor and get Kristin to make the goodies for your next event. You won't be sorry. And that fact that she's so adorable and I kind-of want to put her in my pocket and carry her and her kick ass new pink hair around with me doesn't hurt either!