June 20, 2011

Monday Minute {6/20}

Monday Minute

1 - Redacted due to mom and brother reading this blog. Heh.

2 - What are you wearing?
Pajamas. Yoga pants and a t-shirt.

3 - How are you feeling?
Tired. And a little sore. I saw the chiropractor Saturday and always feel a little gross after the poking. And to make sure the sore stuck, I completely busted ass at the mall yesterday. Lots of bruises...good times.

 4 - How many and which languages can you speak fluently?
Just the one. I took Latin for three years and Spanish for another 3. I am a totally nerd and actually used to complete in foreign language competitions, but all I can remember is a little mythology and how to say 'my dog is small and brown' in Spanish.

and finally...

5 - Name at least one thing that you did as an adolescent that if you caught your child (or future child) doing, you'd get pretty mad.
Not that I ever did anything wrong...but if I had to pick one thing it would be lying about where she is. It's just way too dangerous. I'm a complete idiot and extremely lucky that nothing ever happened to me.