June 21, 2011

Oh Etsy...how you suck my bank account dry

A week or so ago, I asked you all for help thinking of a great shower gift for Big Sister. You gave me a ton of fantastic ideas and I will absolutely be following up on several as soon as the little madame has a name. In just 6 days, as long as she cooperates, I'll be meeting my her and I'm so excited!
So back to the shower...I needed to find something amazing. Of course I went to Etsy and found exactly what I wanted!

Lauri from Bound To Remember has the sweetest, most adorable silhouettes and monograms in her shop. I wanted to buy about half her store. And I can't tell you how much Big Sister and BIL love love loved it!

Right? Is that not the sweetest...sisters holding hands, running with their teddy bears?! In addition to being completely adorable and having what seemed like a thousand colors the silhouette could come in, Lauri was awesome. She had the print out to me the day after I ordered so I would get it in time for the shower. 

She completely saved my procrastinating butt! And now that I've got Big Sister taken care of, I can focus on what I want (hehehe). Like this sweet silhouette...reminds me of Husband :)