July 19, 2011

amy: a good life.

Today's lovely lady (and final guest) is Amy from a good life. She is a adorable mama and gets to build up her arm muscles by carrying around her chunky monkey Parker (p-ray to his friends...we're totally tight like that). I want to squish his little round cheeks everytime I see new pictures! As a bonus Amy is a total sweetheart!!


hi unofficial mom readers!

i’m so excited to be guest posting here today while sara soaks up the sun on the beach. lucky dog. i’m sharing one of my favorite posts with you today… i wrote it after our two week vacay in maui & i was going through some serious post-vacation-withdrawals. it always takes me right back to the beach & those amazing two weeks we had together as a family. vacations are THE best.

i hope you like it & maybe you’ll check out my little corner of the interwebz? yeah? sweet.

“maybe today I went tanning”

actually, i'm pretty sure i did.

also? maybe i closed my eyes & pretended i was laying on a beach. i needed that today. it was one of those days where you wake up & are ready for it to end before it begins. it was a marathon day. it was my day in the office. i realize i'm very fortunate to stay home as much as i do, & also have a great job. but the whole process of getting up, getting ready, & getting parker to the sitter’s was enough to make me pull the covers over my head.

so after work, i went tanning. i listened to jack johnson while i laid there & i pretended i was somewhere else. i didn't think about all the things i needed to do that night, i just listened to jack's voice & pretended the fans were the ocean breeze.

and maybe i pretended i was here.

yup. i did.


Thanks so much to Amy...not only for helping, but for reminding me that I'd much rather be at the beach than heading back to work and for satisfying my Parker fix. Thanks Mama!!