July 25, 2011

Reason 9,124,246 I love Husband

I'm taking a quick break from vacation recapping to tell you about yet another reason I love Husband.

It's the romance...he says the most amazing, sweetest things ever. Here's a recent conversation we had as an example.

Back story: I bruise really, really easily. And I'm ridiculously pale, so bruises are super apparent on me. Add to that the fact that I'm a complete and total klutz and you get constant bruises...I blame every piece of furniture I've ever been around.

ME: You see those bruises down by my ankle...where did those come from?

HUSBAND: Clearly not from hitting your leg too hard with the razor.

...and scene...

In my own defense if I'm running late (which is a lot) the unnecessary parts of my morning routine gets axed and that equals shaving. And also he can shut up!

You're crazy jealous aren't you? You so completely wish your husband was even one tenth as romantic as mine. Feel free to swoon.