August 23, 2011

34 for 34 {Progress}

We're a little over 2 months since my birthday and I'm actually making progress. It's crazy, but this list is actually kicking my butt into gear. I've already completed 8 things and failed at 1. Not bad if I do say so myself. Check it...

  1. Update my blogroll
  2. Read at least 5 books that have neither pictures, nor rhyming verses
  3. Start getting to work earlier so I can leave earlier
  4. Exercise more
  5. Decide which Masters to start DONE
  6. Start Masters program DONE
  7. Sign Pie up for a dance class
  8. Be more social with neighbors so Pie has kids to play with close by DONE
  9. Organize work/store area at home
  10. Re-launch HMH
  11. Start participating in The Red Dress Club prompts again DONE
  12. Get published in some non-internet publication
  13. Finish some of the crafts that are sitting half done on my desk
  14. Try bangs...eeekkkk
  15. See a movie in the theater DONE
  16. Take my camera off auto
  17. Have a proper date night with Husband
  18. Organize Pie's closet
  19. Finish guest room
  20. Organize my Pinterest boards DONE
  21. Finish Pie's baby book
  22. Make book for Pie's Bios
  23. Help Husband organize his world domination plan
  24. Become more active in the adoption community
  25. Figure out the right way to take care of Pie's hair
  26. Ride a bike again
  27. Actually complete a craft/tutorial I have on my boards at Pinterest DONE
  28. Clean out the linen closet. I'm thinking space bags will be involved DONE
  29. Buy new, matching, towels
  30. Ride the skywheel when we go to Myrtle Beach FAIL
  31. Finish Pie's coloring table and find a good place to put it
  32. Rearrange furniture in bedroom
  33. Plant bushes on cul-de-sac side of the house
  34. Send friends/family more snail mail. Who doesn't like getting that?
I'm working on some update posts...but that whole Masters thing? Yeah, that started and after a full day of work I get to go to class from 6:00 to 11:30. I thought I was tired just working full-time and chasing Pie...I had no idea.