September 13, 2011

20 Months

My Darling Girl....

Yesterday you were 20 months old. 20! 20? Let's just think about that for a moment...there's a 2 in front of that number. You are a mere 4 months away from being 2 years old. How did this happen?! I swear it was just last week you were just a chunky little lump-o-baby.

Yes...I'm talking about you. You there, standing so sweetly in front of the blinds you have so lovingly destroyed since you became mobile. Slow down already, would ya?!

Despite my wishing you wouldn't do it so quickly, you are growing up. And this past month has been a doozy. You started speech therapy and started wearing your eye patches. The therapy is going really well so far and I'm so happy that's the decision we made. And the patches are okay, but you certainly know when it's time to take them off and don't tolerate them for much longer after that.

You are also coming into your crazy. You are a nutty, quirky, absolutely hilarious little girl. Not a day passes that you don't bring Dada and me to tears with some random shenanigans. You are a dyed in the wool goofball. like to hang out in strange places...  
...and sometimes you like to be a robot...or maybe a bird in a cage...we're not sure. Either way it cracks us up.

 ...and jumping is your scene. If you could jump all day long you would. And you're quite good at it if I do say so myself. But even the jumping makes us laugh. Every time you come across a new surface, you have to jump on it to check for bounciness. It's like your toddler version of putting everything in your mouth to learn about you have to jump on everything....and I mean everything.

...and sometimes that jumping makes Mama's stomach are fearless.

...and yes, sweet Pie, that "hat" looks great on you. 

Dada and I love you more than words can say, more than arms can squeeze, more than all the stars in the sky.