October 6, 2011

No...But Really...

Yesterday I gave you the funny side of my anniversary. At least part of it...there's so much more madness. I could seriously do another 10 posts.

But today I wanted to tell you some of the great and wonderful. I am married to the man of my dreams (barring Ryan Reynolds deciding he's desperate for me of course). He is my best friend, my first love, and the only place I want to turn whether I'm happy or sad.

He's amazing. Seriously...I'm married to:
  • my first official boyfriend. I dated, but no boyfriends before.
  • the only man I've ever said I love you to who isn't a relative.
  • a man who told his mom after our first date that he would marry me.
  • a man who used to drive 3 hours each way on work days just to see me. He'd get to me about 8:00pm and would have to leave no later than 4:00am to get back to work.
  • a man who showed up at my door with roses, movies and mashed potatoes when I was sick
  • a man who left the only home he'd ever known to live with me (after just 3 months).
  • a man who followed me to Atlanta after I left school. We had been apart only a few weeks and there was a knock at the door. He had quit his job, packed his life into the back of the truck and come to Atlanta because he couldn't stand being apart any longer. He didn't even have a place to stay.
  • a man who put aside his terrible shyness to propose in front of my entire family because he knew how happy it would make me to have them there.
  • a man who couldn't let our anniversary pass without doing something, despite being completely broke, so he came home with this.

I couldn't love him more.