October 24, 2011

Top Ten Tips for New Mommies

I'm hooking up with Northwest Mommy for Monday Listicles again. This week's theme is Top Ten Tips for New Mommies.


  1. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Seriously. Whatever you think you need to get accomplished while they nap can wait. You need sleep.
  2. No one cares how clean your house is. If people are coming to visit I guarantee they don't care about the state of your house. Or the state of you for that matter. They're coming to see the baby anyway, so don't stress about being a good hostess.
  3. Take any help offered. And don't be afraid to ask for it. People who are offering, genuinely want to help and won't judge you for taking it.
  4. Save money on expensive clothes. If you want one or two special outfits, fine, but overall those first weeks and months will be covered in all manner of ickiness, and you stress a lot less if said ickiness is on a $3 onesie. You'll be holed up and exhausted anyway, so there's no need to have a fashion plate baby.
  5. Never feel bad about asking your pediatrician questions. That's what they're there for...to answer your questions and ease your fears. I used to go in with my special notebook full of things to ask (okay who am I kidding...I still do that).
  6. Talk to other moms. People who have gone before may be able to save you a lot of heartache trying to find products and solutions that work.
  7. If you're feeling like there might even be the slightest chance you're dealing with PPD, TELL YOUR DOCTOR. It is nothing to be ashamed of...and nothing to play around with. Your doctor can help. And if that help involves medication, take it. It does not make you a bad mom or a bad person.
  8. Document as much as you can. In the exhausted stupor that follows a new baby's arrival, you don't realize how precious all of the coos and quirks will be later. Take lots of pictures, videos and notes.
  9. Snuggle. Snuggle to your heart's content. There is nothing better in the entire world than snuggling your new little love.
  10. Take a minute. Remember to take a minute and a deep breath and soak in all the wonder of a new baby. It is a joy beyond words and you need to stop and bask in that occasionally. Even if it's just for the second it takes you to throw away a stinky diaper.