January 30, 2012

Marching to the beat of my own drummer

I'm hooking up with Northwest Mommy for Monday Listicles. This week's theme is
"10 songs that best tell the story of my life." But I'm going to switch it up a bit and just do ten songs that I love. Try out a few if you don't know the artist...I promise you won't be disappointed.

1. Ray Lamontagne - Let It Be Me. This one, like a lot of Ray's music (first name basis? yeah, we're tight like that), is achingly beautiful.

2. Ray Lamontagne - Please. Yup, more Ray. This one has one of my all time favorite lines, "baby I was born just to kiss your mouth" Swoon.

3. James Taylor - My Romance. First dance at the wedding. Husband and I took dance lessons and everything, that we didn't actually use. We rocked it middle school dance style...swaying and smooching.

4. James Taylor - Mexico. Danced with my dad to this one at the wedding. Unconventional choice for an unconventional dad. I think my jaw still hurts from laughing my way through this one.

5. Amos Lee - Colors. This is another heart breaker. As a side note, Amos Lee is very tall (and hunky in the best quirky way).

6. Alexi Murdoch - Orange Sky. I listened to this one constantly for awhile at the beginning of the infertility journey. The line, "and sister, you know I'm so weary and my heart's been broken" can still bring tears to my eyes. Another side note, dude is super sweet and humble. And hunky :)

7. Dixie Chicks - Lullaby. A song that can turn me into a weepy mess in about 3 notes when it's on and I'm thinking about Pie.

8. Adele - Turning Tables. Although I could pick just about any Adele song. Love her. But this one just kills me.

9. Dave Matthews - Oh. "I love you oh so well, like a kid loves candy and fresh snow." I love the imagery and the innocence of that.

10. Ray Lamontange - Three More Days. Just to end on something a little more upbeat, and of course Ray. This song is a go-to when it's nice outside and I'm driving home on a Friday afternoon. Windows go down, volume goes up and I rock out.