January 26, 2012

Not Even a Choice

I'm picking the prompt, " Return to work after baby was born or stay home? How did you make your decision?"


After Pie was born, Husband and I spent a glorious, amazing, unbelievable two weeks in a little family cocoon. It was the greatest two weeks ever. It was also the most exhausting, confusing, nerve-wracking two weeks ever. And then it was done.

When my darling girl made her big entrance, I was working full-time and Husband was working/going to school. I was the bread winner while he was pursuing his degree. So it was decided that he would stay home with her and I would return to work. It sucked (and still does) but it's the only thing that made sense. It wasn't even a real choice.

Unfortunately my job doesn't really do maternity/extended leave, so I was back at my desk two weeks after Pie was born. Still exhausted, still confused, and now spending most of my day away from my brand new baby. Did I mention how badly this sucked? Because it really sucked. REALLY sucked. Husband likes to point out that I must have been out of my mind to leave him by himself with a two week old when he'd never taken care of a baby before. I blame sleep deprivation. :)

But it was what it was, and it still is. And over the last two years, though I've spent far more time away from my Pie than I could imagine, she and her dada have become the most amazing pair. They are best friends and it gives me such joy to see them together. My two favorite people in the whole wide world madly in love with each other...