January 23, 2012

That kid cracks me up

Recently we've been teaching Pie about shaking hands and introducing yourself. Because why wouldn't you with a 2 year old? It always cracks me up because it seems so out of place to be shaking with a kid, but this weekend she pushed it over the edge into straight up hilarious.

{Pie comes over to me and sticks out her hand}
Me: {shaking} Hi, my name is Mama. What's your name?
Pie: Me
Me: Me who?
Pie: {pauses thinking} meee-mo!

I could not stop laughing. And it almost brings me to tears every time I think of it. Her first knock knock joke! And of course it would be about Nemo, her all time favorite thing in the universe at the moment.

And then because we're laughing so hard, she is quite proud and gives us this face, which just makes me laugh harder. Oh how I love that goofy kid.