February 16, 2012

Never Ever Ever

The prompt, "Create a reverse bucket list that names the top ten things you never want to do."

  1. Bungee jump. There is nothing about having my spine pulled out through my feet that seems appealing.
  2. Fly an airplane. I don't like riding in them, I certainly don't want the responsibility of flying one.
  3. Be in a shoot-out. I'm not sure how this would happen. But I'd rather it didn't.
  4. Go to prison. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.
  5. Date. Well anyone other than Husband that is, the thought is terrifying for so many reasons.
  6. Stop watching tv/movies. That would just suck.
  7. Be a reality show judge. I'd be so torn between crushing someones dream and not telling them the truth to protect their feelings if they sucked.
  8. Be on a reality show. I'm pretty much too old for all of them except Cheaters, and I'd rather not confront Husband in a Burger King parking lot yelling "who's that b*itch?!"
  9. Eat meat. Another one that I can't quite imagine the circumstances of, but after 20+ years without meat I don't imagine it would end well.
  10. Go on a cruise. Yes, I realize tons of people love this kind of vacation. But I have a whole thing about motion sickness, not being able to see land, and giant sea creatures. You won't catch me tempting a kraken.