February 20, 2012

Me clean? I think no.

I'm hooking up with Northwest Mommy for Monday Listicles. This week's theme is
"10 things I would rather do than clean the house." So again I'm going to tweak a little and do the 10 thing I HAVE to do instead of clean the house.

  1. Work
  2. Play with Pie
  3. Go to school
  4. Do homework
  5. Snuggle with Pie
  6. Sleep
  7. Craft with Pie
  8. Spend time with Husband
  9. More homework
  10. Give Pie kisses
So mostly Pie related. I'm not about to give up what precious little time I have with her right now because of work and school to clean the house. Dishes can wait, laundry can be worn straight from the dryer, but this face? This face cannot wait.