July 9, 2012

Oh how I'd miss it...or not

I'm hooking up with Northwest Mommy for Monday Listicles. This week's theme is
" inspired by Nora Ephron’s list THINGS SHE WILL MISS AND WHAT SHE WON’T."

10 things I would miss if I disappeared today:
  1. family
  2. the smell of a fire
  3. beach air
  4. the overwhelming love I see in Husband's face when he looks at Pie
  5. unsolicited kisses
  6. feeling Husband's arms around me
  7. curling up in bed after a long day
  8. laughing until my jaw hurts and tears are rolling down my face
  9. possibilities
  10. absolutely everything, head to toe, inside and out of this little girl (this is my favorite pic of Pie right now. just look at all that crazy hair!)

10 things I absolutely would not miss:
  1. bills and the stress of trying to pay them
  2. anxiety
  3. adult acne...I'm mean really at 35 pushing some teenager out of the way to get the Clean and Clear. not cool face. not cool.
  4. obsessing about the size of my bum
  5. comparisons
  6. having to work...I clearly was meant to be a lady of leisure
  7. cleaning toilets
  8. getting home from the store and realizing you got a bunch of junk you don't need and forgot the important things you went for in the first place
  9. having a brilliant idea as you're falling asleep and having no memory of it in the morning
  10. guilt. for any reason. especially ice cream or wine related


Bridget said...

Beach air! Now I'm missing it too. Please bottle some and send it to me in Alaska:)

Kat said...

Hi there! :) I'm following you via Monday Listicles. Look forward to reading more! Come on by and check out my blog! I would appreciate the follow back! Have a great day!


Robbie K said...

her hair is amazing...pint sized adorable!

Enjoyed your list and I almost always get home from the store and realize I forgot the one thing I need the most.

Jackie said...

How great would it be to let all that guilt go! I know I wouldn't miss that!

Stasha said...

So true, comparisons suck. As do bills. But Pie is above and beyond cute and lovely and makes everything OK in the end :)

@dkotucker said...

I've had so many brilliant ideas too that I'm sure would've made me millions and allowed me to have the lifestyle that I so richly deserve. SO frustrating isn't it!!! :D

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