October 15, 2012


My darling girl is having them.

Lots of them.

Really bad ones.

I can't begin to imagine what an almost 3 year old is having nightmares about, and as much as we've managed to get from her is that animals are involved. But they are terrible. To the point that she wakes up screaming and shaking, and often takes 20 minutes or more to calm down even after I am holding her.

She will be sound asleep and is crying, kicking her legs, and punching out her arms. I don't know if it's protective, aggressive, general reflex...

All I know is that these nightmares are terrible and I don't know what to do about them. We've added light to her room, taken it away, changed it, added music, covered the window, uncovered it, moved things/stuffies in and out of her bed, changed the way we put her down, we even gave her a flashlight so that if she woke up scared she could look around the room and see that there was nothing scary.

And still she ends up in bed with us every night. If she were playing the system I'd let her cry it out, but she is legitimately terrified and I will not leave her to deal with that alone.

The result, however, is that none of us are getting enough sleep and that makes all of us grumpy.

I really don't know if this is a result of the drug-exposed pregnancy, an early manifestation of bipolar or any of the other mental health issues she may possibly face, her sensory disorder, or something else entirely.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Help?

It is breaking my heart for her to be going through this...