October 23, 2012

Pie Narrates...

My darling Pie has decided she must narrate her life. Everything she sees, everything she does, everything anyone else does...it's all up for grabs.

During our 10 minute drive this morning (well Pie and I were riding since I still can't drive) we were treated to the following:

Mama? Mama? Mama! Dares a squirrel.

A squirrel says squeak squeak.

Get out of the way silly squirrel, you get hit by the car, you get a bad booboo.

Mama? Mama? Mama! Where's the big water? I don't see it. It hiding? (we drive past a decent sized pond)

Oh dares the big water.

Oh! Silly geese on the grass. They so silly.

You get the point. It never stops. And it never fails to crack me up! But I especially love when she's playing and starts to sing to herself. I melt every.single.time.

 Other things heard in my house recently:

1. After riding on a trike with Husband and deciding to "help" him steer...

    I push like dis, we go zoom, daddy say oh damnit

2. She tends to speak in third person and we've been reminding her to say I instead of her
    name...and she's mostly got it

    I Pie got a drink. I Pie go outside. Pie has snack...oopsey-daisey...I Pie has a snack.

3. And my personal favorite...I seriously (no sarcasm intended) have no idea where
    she got this

    I Pie got a booboo...need to put some chocolate on it...that makes it feel all betta

I remember wondering when she started speech therapy if she would ever say anything. Now I wonder if she will ever keep a thought to herself :)