May 13, 2010

Anatomy of a pie


1. Flaky, gorgeous crust
2. Pecan-y goodness...mmm....
3. Method employed to cram as much aforementioned pecan-y goodness into gob as is physically possible.


1. Tickles/kisses/squeezes (t/k/s) here result in "AAACCKKK!"
2. T/K/S here result in the immediate pulling of arms against oneself as quickly as possible.
3. T/K/S here result in "heh heh HEH HEHHEHHEH heh." (Imagine an old man laughing and you'll be pretty close)
4. T/K/S here result in leg kicking at a frenzied pace.
5. T/K/S here result in flinging of various extremities and snorting in a very unladylike fashion.
6. T/K/S here result in little, sweaty toes being wrapped around your finger/nose/hand accompanied by a big, drooly smile.

PS - You are ordered to ignore the mess that is my living room! Ordered I tell ya!!
PPS - Also I'm trying out a signature...not sure how I feel about it. Thoughts?


Bronzed said...

you are a funny kid! the sig: i like it, i didn't at first, but now i do (forgetting sarah marshall). lol. i have a slight issue with the white box. :)

sara said...

me to bronzed...when i get a sec i'll go into the html and make the background tranparent or match. see if that makes it better.

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

This, is the cutest thing I have seen :) Love it!! I like #4 and the leg kicking, Bailey has uncontrollable leg kicks!!

The signature, I believe there is a way (you have to click something) to set it transparent...that may help you. It is hard to choose from their signatures, ugh!

sara said...

Hi Cindy - I LOVE the leg kicks, they make me so happy. Especially when Pie does it because she's excited that I'm coming to pick her up!

I'll have to take a look at the transparency. I picked this signature because it's the most similar to my own writing, though still a good bit different. Who knows...we'll see if I still like it tomorrow :-)

Anonymous said...

I have been craving pecans all I stop by and find this and yummmmmm!!!

Lots of TKS's to your beautiful girl!

Sig looks good...I had to really stare to see it wasn't transparent on the background.

Marc said...

how come your pie smells like mashed potatoes?

sara said...

J - ever since I posted this I've been craving pecan pie! Must get some this weekend.

sara said...

marc- you know darn well it's the damn soy! potato-y little lovie

-K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Lovely lady, you are a winner of my Shutterfly Coupon Giveaway. However, you didn't give me your email address so now I'm hunting you down.... Pleeeeeese email me your address so I can mail your winnings ASAP.



sara said...

K - I emailed you. Also HOORAY!!!

Ally said...

This is adorable! No relation to my post today, but I think my baby would be called "cupcake" I have a special place in my heart for cupcakes. Esp. red velvet ones :)

Congrats on winning that coupon!

Angie said...

LOL What a sweet and funny post! Following you from the new blog hop! Have a great weekend!

sara said...

Ally - OK now I desperately want red velvet cupcakes!

sara said...

Thanks Angie! Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!!!

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