May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday*

* except for captions...and that...and that....andthatandthatandthat....

Pie Blowing Bubbles

Pie Looking at Me

Pie Looking at Husband

Family Pic 1**

Family Pic 2**

Family Pic 3**
**Ignore all additional chins, folds, wrinkles, rolls and general roundyness, unless they belong to Pie.


-K said...

Hello gorgeous family and super cute kiddo! Wow, purple is her color.

Lindsey said...

so adorable!

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

Gorgeous family photos! I love little Pie, she is adorable!! I think Bailey has that outfit in another color :)

sara said...

Thanks K! I love her in purple, and really anything not pink even though she has a crapton of pink clothes!!

sara said...

Thanks Lindsey!

sara said...

Thanks Cindy, I pretty fond of the little Pie too! If I remember correctly that dress is a Target special...gotta love Target!

Angela said...

Hi! Returning the Friday Follow! You have a beautiful family...can't wait to catch up!

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