May 17, 2010

Hello Kitty makes everything better

So Pie had her doctor's appointment on Friday. She's a chunky little monkey. 15.5 pounds and 25.25 inches! She was awesome through the whole appointment, flirting with our pediatrician and generally entertaining the office. She especially loved the paper covered exam table which sounds exactly like her favorite crinkle block. As soon as we put her down she started flinging frantically to make the crinkle noise. So cute. Then came the shots....duhn duhn duuuhhhnnn. Thankfully the nurse was really quick, it was like stick, stick...stick. Poor Pie screamed and screamed, but got two Hello Kitty band-aids out of the deal.

I only got this really fuzzy cell phone picture before I felt like an ass for trying to take a picture at all. But they were her first band-aids and they looked so cute on her fat little legs!

Bottom line is that she's awesome. Not that I needed the doctor to tell me that! I do have a question for all of you though. Pie gets crazy hot in her carseat. Really sweaty. The doctor said maybe a towel underneath her would help. Any other suggestions? Make that two questions...where does one get these mythical waterproof backed, terry cloth bibs you guys suggested?

In other news Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life gave me my very first blog award (thanks Cindy!). Hooray!! I highly suggest you check out this blog...I love it! And while you're there take a second to vote for her beautiful Bailey!!

I will pass it on to:
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Fakey said...

I got a 10-pack of waterproof bibs at Target, they were on an end cap on the inside of the baby section. The terry was really cheap thin stuff, and the waterproof material crinkly, but they work well. So you can use them hard for a month or two and then throw them away.

Re: the towel in the car seat, that doesn't seem safe. Maybe just make sure she's not too heavily dressed? Just put her in the seat in a onesie, add other clothes on arrival?

If the seat is hot when you put her in it, though, that might be the issue. We put a white towel over the seat if we park in the sun and that seems to make a little bit of a difference.

And thanks for posting that picture, I LOVE baby thighs. Girlie was skinny from birth, except for her thighs and cheeks. NOM NOM NOM That's even better than the award! Thanks!

Angela said...

Awww! Poor baby. Shots are the worst.
P.S. Love her rolls. Why are thigh rolls so darn cute on babies and why does the cuteness of thigh rolls fade as we get older???

sara said...

Fakey - Thanks for the tips, both Target and the white towel. I'll give that a shot. I love her rolly legs...I squish and bite at the constantly!

sara said...

Angela - People frequently comment on Pie's legs when we're out and about. It's usually, "oh look at her fat legs" to which I'm forced to respond, "I would rather you not comment on my legs thank you very much!" Sadly, it makes me laugh every time. I usually only wait a beat until I let them off the hook.

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

YAY! That is great that Pie is doing well :) How old is Pie again? (I think Bailey is a little thing...only 14 pounds right now, but long :)!)

Bailey gets hot in the car also on hot days, I use a small receiving blanket to line her car seat :)

Target bibs are great!

Thank you for the kind words!!

sara said...

Thanks Cindy! Pie was 4 months old last Wednesday. She's a chunk. I blame the soy formula. But I certainly love all the rolls. Husband is not going to be happy that I have to go to Target...but the internet said!

Melodramommy said...

Hi Sara! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'm your newest follower. Loved this story. My little girl LOVES Hello kitty too. Just wait till your's gets even older. So cute. congrats on the blog award.

sara said...

Hi Melodramommy! Thanks for following...I love having new people around! I have already had to stop myself from going Hello Kitty crazy. I have to take a deep breath and remember that Pie is only 4 months old and basically bald, so she doesn't need the deluxe set of HK hair products!

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