October 21, 2010

Random random-ness

I'm going to hook up with the lovely Mandolin at {Mama} and the Dudes for her My Ink post.

I technically have two tattoos, though they are connected and look like one piece. When I was 17 my mom came with me to a sketchy little shop and lied about my age so I could ink up. I went in wanting a rather large Ying Yang that was made of fire and water. Something along these lines...

Really all I can say about that is thank god it was too expensive. Since my first choice was off the table, I blindly picked a design off the wall that I could afford. So I ended up with my little moon man. A year later I decided I HAD to add something to make it more personal. I returned to the sketchy shop and want to add a ring of stars around my ankle that matched the originals. This is what I got instead.

Holy crap...that looks terrible! Just ignore how old and beat up Moony looks!!

Anycraptat, it's bugged the crap out of me how dark and non-matching they are since the second I walked out of the shop, but whatev.

I was pissed but slowly began to forget about the tat all together. It would occasionally surprise me when I was shaving. Like oh yeah, that's still there. Many, many years later darling Husband decided to get a tattoo and wanted to get the sun. Other than the personal meaning for him, he also felt like we were the flip of each other's coin. He was heads, I was tails. He was the sun, and I was the moon. After that I started to see my tattoo differently...started to think it was pretty cool again. I still hate those stupid starts though...I need to get them fixed.

Now, on to upcoming ink. I am planning some Pie related something. I keep coming back to a carnation, but a really graphic, stylized one since it's her birth flower. Still haven't quite nailed that down or figured out where I want to put it. But I'm thinking it'll be pink and gray. Pink carnations mean a mother's love...so that works :)

And I want to get an oak tree. Oak trees are a symbol of good luck in fertility and I was born in Royal Oak so it feels full circle-y. I want to put it on my hip over my one ovary to wish the little guy some luck :) This one I want to be very feminine and simple. I've yet to see anything I like enough to put on myself permanently.

Any artists out there feel free to send me ideas for the carnation or the oak tree!


Also I feel absolutely certain that there's a toy exec somewhere laughing his ass off that he actually got Squinkies past the board. There's *no way* this is not some new slang for the veg part of a boys meat and two veg. "Man, I was playing hoops and dude totally fouled. His knees caught me right in the squinkies." Even the theme song is all about the surprise you get once you "pop the bubble"...seriously? Please tell me I'm not the only one...any one...Bueller...Bueller.