May 31, 2011

Some kind of tired

We had so much fun yesterday and then I stayed up way too late, so now I'm beat! Yesterday we went over to Middle Sister's house and had a cookout. Lots of yummy food, lots of chatting and it was finished off with the best banana pudding ever. Seriously ever. I'm not usually a big banana pudding person, but I really wanted to make my bowl of it my new best friend. And Pie couldn't get enough of it, she "mmmm"-ed and happily kicked her legs with every bite. I'll try to get the recipe.

And then I'm flipping through the channels about to go to bed and I catch Some Kind of Wonderful. It had only been on about 15 minutes and I got totally sucked in. Oh 80s movies, how I love you...even when you're on until midnight.

I hadn't seen this in forever and forgot how completely awesome it will this love triangle ever work out?!
Keith, you idiot, why don't you see how much Watts loves you?
And I forgot what an super, terrific bad guy Hardy was (on left), though I did spend much of the movie thinking he was Bobby Cox (on right) on Cougar Town. They aren't the same person, but without IMDB I would have sworn they were.
But no...Keith couldn't see Watts because he was madly in love with Amanda Jones.
He even painted her picture and hung it in a museum. Husband made two comments during the whole movie. One was that he didn't think the plot worked as well when the best friend was hotter than the "hot girl." The other was that the whole painting thing was super cheesy and would never work. I disagreed and said that move would score Keith second base at the very least.
But in the end everyone comes to their senses and Keith picks the right girl. Ahhhh, a happy ending. 

I'm now seriously jonesing for some more 80s movies. Which ones are your favorites?