June 1, 2011

Alright. I give. Jimmy Buffett isn't all bad.

I posted last week about Husband's yearly voyage to see Jimmy Buffett in concert. Be thankful...really, really thankful that I didn't give you more of this year's details. Although I couldn't tell you much since Husband doesn't remember much. I will say, however, that Husband was HUGELY over served (by himself). And as a result of him becoming Drunky McBoozerton, he threw up all over just a little bit down the side of Big Brother's car. Good stuff.

To right that terrible party foul, Husband found a mobile detailer to go over to BB's house and clean his car up. He chose Final Finish, and the wonderful Drew showed up. He certainly got a workout trying to get BB's big-ass Suburban clean.

Husband and Big Brother were both really happy with the work and the service. So to thank me for taking such good care of him in his many hours of need, Husband surprised me by having Drew come out to the house over the weekend and detail my car. And it is amazing! Well worth the water, aspirin, crackers and trashcan I put out for Husband. He says it was the cold washcloth that I put on his forehead that really made the decision.

Whatever it was, I'm loving the result! Hello Gorgeous...no no baby. I'm not talking about you this time...
I'm talking about you, my beloved car. After Drew was finished it looked new again (from a respectable distance anyway). Would you ever guess that my house on wheels is over 8 years old? 
Vacuum marks on the carpet? Be still my beating heart. No gunk in the cup holders? Swoon. 
No dust bunnies on the dash? How is that even possible?  

So after a few days of driving around in my gorgeously clean car, I am forced to admit that Jimmy Buffett may not be completely terrible. His music still sucks though :D