July 15, 2011

Jackie: The Mathey Family

And rounding out the week, I have Jackie from The Mathey Family. She is another wonderful friend and I'm so jealous that she and Angela live close enough to hang out. I have a list of about 6 or 7 blog friends that I would love to meet in real life and Jackie (along with all my other posters this week) is definitely among them!


Hello, I'm Jackie: Midwesterner recently turned Southerner, wife, and stay-at-home mama. After our move, I started blogging to appease my family with pictures and accounts of daily life, but found myself spending nearly as much time following other blogs, like Unofficial Mom. I have been hooked on Sara's blog since first reading about her wedding day and laughing until I cried. As I read on, I found that I could relate to her on a much more personal level - she is also a mommy to an independent toddler.

From time to time on my own blog, even before she was born, I have written letters to my daughter, Isla. Some have been sentimental, others were observational, but each one captured the very moment of our life as it was. However, as my sweet babbling baby began to crawl and squawk and walk and talk, the sentiments of these letters have since become nothing shy of hasty pleas.

Oh, Isla! You have been getting into a lot of mischief this past week. Some incidents have forced me to stifle laughter while keeping a straight face and telling you, "that is not okay." Others have left me closing my eyes and taking deep breaths.

While wondering what has gotten into my sweet girl, I realized that maybe you don't know what is/is not appropriate because no one has ever told you. So, I'm here, this time on Sara's blog, to set the record straight:

15 months is way too young to start climbing out of your crib, especially when your descent is less than graceful. Additionally, choosing 3 a.m. as your time of escape is not okay. When your mommy hears a loud thump in the middle of the night, she immediately thinks that a burglar is in close-proximity and begins to panic. What exactly were you planning on doing alone in a dark, quiet house anyway?

I know that you like to turn around in the cart and dig through our groceries while I shop, but taking eggs out of the carton and throwing them across the store is not okay. And if you must do something destructive like that, please try to go unnoticed and refrain from yelling, "BALL!" mid-hurl. It makes people stare and wonder why your mom is not paying closer attention to you.

While I appreciate your good manners, saying "peeez" does not mean that you will get whatever it is you are asking for. And saying it over and over/louder and louder does not increase your chances that I will say yes. There is just no way that I can let you play outside alone, eat Hershey's Kisses for breakfast, or jump into the lion cage at the zoo.

Manipulating Daddy by telling him you need to "eat! eat! eat!" as soon as he walks into the front door is not okay. It seems as if I have not fed or loved you all day.

Lastly, the toilet does not double as a washing machine, water fountain, or swimming pool.

Now that we're clear on what is/is not socially acceptable, I'm confident that we have put the previously mentioned issues behind us. I look forward to the return of my well-mannered little girl.

Respectfully, Mom

Thank you, Sara, for considering a little ol' blogger like me to be a guest here. I'm humbled.


Jackie is dead on about us both having fiesty, strong-willed little babes. And I wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you so much for your post Jackie!!