December 16, 2011

An Evil Tree, Toddler Pimp Cups, and Santa is NOT My Homie...

Apparently Pie is terrified of trees. Not in passing, she likes to point them out and talk about them. But in hand-to-hand combat range, it's an ugly scene. As a result, our Christmas tree continues to hang out alone in the garage. Poor tree. It just wants to be accepted and prettied up with lights and ornaments.

I'm not sure who decided this was a well designed product, but it is without question a toddler pimp cup. And Pie will be using it to keep her pimp hand strong. Ya heard.

And for the first time ever my little Pie just completely lost it during picture time. She's usually as happy as she can be, but the minute her little bumper hit Santa's lap and I stepped away...bad news bears.

I mean, just look at Pie's face...or even worse...Santa's.