September 4, 2012

School days, fool days

I'm hooking up with Northwest Mommy for Monday Listicles. This week's theme is
"the school edition." Of course you all know by know that I'm a big school dork. I've even talked about it twice in as many weeks, here and here.

Top 10 things that come to mind when I think of school:

1. School supplies, school supplies, school supplies. I cannot express how much I love them.

2. The new first day of school outfit. Had to look stylin' for the new year!

3. Homework. I'm still dealing with this one thanks to the Masters.

4. Film strip/movie days.
5. Music class...loved it. I joined the chorus the first year it was offered (4th grade) and sang all the way through college. I also joined band that year. And played until the end of 5th when it was lovingly suggested to me that after two years if I still couldn't play more than Happy Birthday and Hot Cross Buns, perhaps the flute would never be my strong suit.

6. Substitutes. It was like a free day :)

7. Arts and crafts time. Still love it and am forcing it on Pie at every possible opportunity.

8. Passing notes. I was wildly skilled at this. Not just the passing part, but the crazy folding too.
9. Crushes. I had about eleventy million a day and of course they always ended in some great heartbreak. Like I found out he didn't know the difference between their and they're. Tragedy!

10. Fire drills. I was always fun to have a little chaos and run outside. Even better when your best friend's class went out the same exit as your class did, unexpected time together.And the absolute best when it saved you from a test...