July 7, 2011

I don't even know what that means...

When all else fails go to the search words...seriously people. Seriously.
  1. "naked mom bums" - Is it the word unofficial that throws them off? Like maybe if they're unofficial moms they're more likely to show their naked bums?
  2. "casper snow poetry" - What now? I googled this and found lots of snow leopard pictures or videos of dogs and cats named Casper in the snow.
  3. "anteater you mad" - I guess maybe...possibly...perhaps this could be referring to this post. Maybe? 
  4. "i can't believe a word you said" - Since this phrase was actually in a post title I suppose I can understand. But whose searching for it? 
  5. "suck my mom" - I have no words for this one. Truly no words. Who in the world types in this search phrase?! I imagine they were quite disappointed when they landed here!
  6. "backyard topless" - Again, because of this post, this one is probably my own fault.  
  7. "mom unofficial patch" - Another one that I'm not entirely sure how to take. I'm going to assume for my own ick-factor that it has something to do with gardening. Yes, gardening.
What about you...any bizarre search phrase that bring people to you?